The Fox Hardware Lifecycle

We’re here for you every step of the way, taking your IT infrastructure from design all the way to disposition.


Offering a unique combination of new and refurbished hardware with industry-leading warranties, we save you money while giving you peace of mind.


managed services, and hardware maintenance. 24/7/365. This reduces costs without sacrificing service.


When you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll make the transition easy and affordable. We’ll buy the old to make way for the new, or recycle end-of-life equipment.

Fox Platforms

Fox offers an industry leading selection of refurbished IT hardware, all covered by a comprehensive warranty. We are involved in the mainstream brand products in the market, and we do not limit the service area, all over the world can provide services




IBM Lenovo



Why You Should Work With Fox

Fox is an outstanding enterprise integrating products, services and value. With years of industry accumulation, we provide reliable IT hardware and quality services to buyers all over the world

We Value Your Budget as Much as You do.

The relationships we build in the market allow us to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services at the lowest cost. Cost savings for our customers is one of our goals

We respect you and Your time.

We can quickly provide the products customers need, and can arrange transportation for customers in the shortest time, saving the time cost of customers

Environmentally Conscious.

It’s our responsibility to use environmentally-friendly practices for a sustainable future. We use recyclable packing materials and properly dispose of end-of-life equipment. And using refurbished equipment is always more sustainable than producing new equipment, so thanks for doing your part.

Peace of Mind

Every product we send out has been tested by our technical staff. Every product received by customers works properly and can be put into use immediately. Every product has our Fox warranty

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